Web Development, PHP, WordPress


I worked as principal backend on this whole site
My main missions were:

  • Multiple interactive map
  • Weather API connector
  • Event Calendar
  • Website performances optimisations

The Interactive map

I had to find a way to improve the FacetWP plugin to display polygon and polylines in addition of the classic markers and customize FacetWP to be able to filter theses types of data. I also converted the plugin to render all the content in frontend with Handlebar.js instead than in PHP. There is multiple interactive map getting diverses datas accross multiple post types with different filters. A big challenge to organize and optimize.

Weather API

I made a small connector to get the weather data

Event calendar

I made the event calendar by improving the FacetWP plugin. I added a recurrency calculation for the events to let the client define the recursion like a Outlook event, then I had to customize FacetWP to handle theses custom events.

Garage Sales

I built another interactive map to let peoples to display their garages sales from a form.
After a submission, there is a couple of automations like address localization, district definition, content filtering and notifications emails.

Website performances

All features developped in the website is thinked around performances. I tried to use as many as possible caching level like Globals variables, Transients, Redis, Wordpress Cache and Cloudflare.